conceptual design work

These projects arose from a desire to experiment, create intriguing projects, and push boundaries in design thinking. This was the beginning of Antu Creative.

maeka, floating city

Global warming, rising sea levels, and increasing storm volatility in the Pacfic is becoming a legitimate threat. This project takes place over time and proposes a solution for a new type of land which could serve as an alternative living situation for the people of Kiribati.

The structural system is a combination of coconut lumber and imported timber. The large wooden trusses support a layer of concrete, which supports a layer of soil. Structures built on the surface of the platform can be connected to the frame, making the entire system one connected entity.

live grow, mixed use residential

The Live Grow project is a mixed use residential complex which encourages individuality, self-sustainability, and a sense of home for Eugene’s low income population. In a world of developed uniformity, this project gives people the ability to choose the shape and feel of their home in an urban high-rise environment.

afro lab, urban art + tech

Welcome to the future. The Afro Lab is an art and tech building inspired by the Afrofuturism movement. Afrofuturism is a cultural aesthetic that explores the developing intersection of the African Diaspora culture with technology. This project focuses on black futurism, equal opportunity, and continued innovation.




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Based in Del Mar, California.
Antu Creative is a multi-disciplinary creative design consultancy.